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Useful MAME Links

The source (literally) of arcade emulation. Here you can find the latest version of MAME, the arcade emulator software that allows ordinary (and not so ordinary) PCs to run vintage arcade games exactly the way they ran back in the arcades. If you're so inclined, you can even download the source code and tweak it to your liking.

BYOAC Build Your Own Arcade Controls

If you're planning on “rolling your own” MAME machine, this site is a great source for information on building your own arcade controllers, game cabinets, and just about any other aspect of retro-gaming.

MameWorld MameWorld

What's a great arcade cabinet without great gaming software? Basically, a very large doorstop. MameWorld has just about every piece of software related to MAME, from marquee graphics to front ends to utilities and the latest retro-gaming news.


The MAME front end I use on the MAMEframe, a wonderfully simple and elegant game launcher. It has support for multiple emulators and even allows custom screen graphics for each one. I tried a lot of front ends before settling on MAMEWAH — its combination of robust reliability and easy setup and customization is hard to beat.

 The Arcade Flyers Archive

A fantastic resource for the arcade enthusiast, The Arcade Flyers Archive (TAFA) has thousands of arcade sales flyers from hundreds of arcade companies. Visiting is like taking a virtual tour through the history of arcade gaming!

Screenshot Archive

The Screenshot Archive site is host to many things, including a great MAMEWAH tutorial, help files, and a collection of MAMEWAH skins (oh, and there are tons of console screenshots there as well! ;-) If you're into console gaming, this is a great site to check out.


CAESAR (Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software - the Absolute Reference) provides detailed game and ROM information on all of the games that MAME emulates, and even includes marquee and screen shots, along with much more. A great resource.


Need to find places on the web to get the latest ROM versions and new releases? MAME ROM Links has a wealth of emulation links and resources, including forums and listings of the week's most popular links.


PowerMAME is a collaborative build of MAME™ that includes many tweaks and mods to make MAME more cabinet friendly. PowerMAME is the brainchild of MikeQ and is available for download from


Retrogaming Companies


SlikStik Apache Controls

Makers of the RetroBlast recommended Blackhawk Push/Pull Spinner, Apache Controls is a premier provider of solutions and services in the world of Arcade Gaming.

SlikStik ThrustVector Controls, Inc.

If you thought you'd seen it all with input encoders, think again. The AfterBurner, made by ThrustVector Controls, includes features such as autofire, macros, and an insane level of customization nobody else can touch.

SlikStik in Woodstock, GA

Our shop is located in North Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia just across the Alpharetta line. We deal in Pinball Machines and Arcade Games. We usually have other gameroom items for sale as well. Pick out a ready to go unit or place a deposit on one for restoration. We have been doing this on a full time basis for the last five years and can find what you need. Our operation is low key but we have the same product as the big boys with a lower cost and we back up what we sell.

SlikStik Killer Cabs

Killer Cabs is a community of people who share a passion for Japanese gaming cabinets. We import these gaming cabinets from all over Asia and bring them back to the UK. We hope you all enjoy what we're doing here and we actively encourage anyone who's interested to get involved at any level.

SlikStik Jomac

Jomac Pty Ltd , Has been supplying technical support to the amusement machine industry since 1983 Our experience is not limited to the amusement industry , We specialise in all sorts of monitor repairs , Importing and re-manufacturing many hard to get Flyback transformers and Pinball machine parts. Located in Western Australia.

SlikStik SlikStik

The pre-built arcade controller I used in both of my cabinets, a great shortcut if you don't want to make your own controller. The SlikStik has almost every controller configuration you can imagine, all built with genuine arcade parts. Here is the RetroBlast review of the SlikStik Classic.

Link to the MameRoom MAMERoom

If you're planning on building your own game cabinet or arcade controller, MAMERoom has plans that will help. Well thought out and full of helpful details, the Ultimate Arcade plans can be a great starting point. They even have full-size templates, which simplifies things even further!

Oscar Controls Oscar Controls

When you're ready to take things on your cabinet “for a spin,” Oscar Controls probably has what you're looking for. Kelsey of Oscar Controls makes a number of different types of arcade spinners, including a reproduction of the famous “Discs of Tron” spinner and fantastic reproduction versions of the Discs of Tron and Tempest spinner knobs.

Ultimarc Arcade Controls Ultimarc

Where to begin? If you're building an arcade cabinet, you're probably going to have some Ultimarc parts in it. From the almost-mandatory IPAC or JPAC keyboard encoders to the unique ArcadeVGA video card, Andy Warne knows how to design great arcade electronics. Groovy Game Gear

Creator of the OmniStik Prodigy joystick and the KeyWiz line of keyboard encoders, Randy Turner of has produced several useful and unique pieces of MAME arcade hardware filled with gaming goodness.


Not quite ready to build a cab, but still want a good, compact, arcade-style controller? The X–Arcade is a great choice, especially if you've got a gaming console system, such as the X-Box, PS/2, or Gamecube. Easily programmable without any attached PC, the XGaming X-Arcade is an inexpensive way to quickly improve your arcade gaming scores.

Hanaho Games, Inc.

Makers of the ArcadePC line of gaming systems and the HotRod SE controller, HanaHo has created several great gaming solutions. From the high-end ArcadePC to the inexpensive HotRod SE, they've got something for every retrogaming fan.

Gremlin Solutions

Looking for great retrogaming gear, but live in the UK? Check out Gremlin Solutions, a UK distributor of arcade parts, X-Arcade controllers, and more. They've got what you need for a great gaming experience.

GameRoomShow.Com GameRoom Show

An online "show" and exhibition hall, Game Room Show allows you to list, sell, and buy your game room items, and even offers free "Wanted" classified. Find that perfect game room item you've been searching for!


Retrogaming Sites


Arcade Games Central

Arcade Game Central is one of the web's premier sites for casual arcade games, featuring the latest casual game news, reviews, and downloads.

Coin-Op TV Now on RetroBlast!

Video interviews with the movers and shakers (and record breakers) of the video gaming industry, Coin-Op TV covers the human side of arcade gaming (and yes, there is one ;-). Produced by Robert Welkner and hosted by the lovely Taryn Southern, there's always something new and exciting on Coin-Op TV.


Starcade, the first (and only?) videogame-oriented gameshow aired in 1981-82, and is now available on DVD. A true gem of retrogaming goodness, this show is as mesmerizing today as it was back "in the day." It's something every retrogaming fan should check out.

GameRoom Magazine

If you've started work on your own "home arcade," then this magazine is for you. GameRoom Magazine covers practically everything gameroom-related: jukeboxes, pinball, video arcade, slot name it. GameRoom covers it all.

PinGame Journal

Billed as "America's Only Pinball Magazine," PinGame Journal covers the world of pinball with great interviews, how-to articles, and more. From classic pins to the latest industry news, PinGame Journal has what a pinhead needs.

Pinball News

The purpose of Pinball News is to be the first port-of-call for pinball players and enthusiasts around the world for all pinball related news and events. We are, and intend to stay, free of all advertising and other clutter. So we're free of charge and free to say exactly what we think without worrying about upsetting the advertisers.

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