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Pac Man Jam

Pac-Man Jam 25th Anniversary Limited Edition New!

Being the Pac-Man fanatic that I am I immediately contacted Manabu Nagaoka, one of the Cats, and requested a chance to view the video which, by the way, is not open for public viewing.


Build Your Own Game Show Buzzers New!

RetroBlast! contributor Nick Vazzana is back again taking his gaming to another level with a step-by-step guide on how to build your own Game Show Buzzers for interactive games such as You Don't Know Jack.

All Candy Expo

A Visit to the All Candy Expo New!

RetroBlast! contributor James Hills takes a walk through the All Candy Expo in Chicago and discovers some new spins on some favorite classics as well as taking a look at where the candy industry is going and what it's doing to make old favorites new again.

Namco Digital Life Expo

Let's Go Retro Mobile New!

RetroBlast! contributor Mitch Gerson steps into the current state of mobile phone gaming with a special interview with Scott Rubin, VP of Marketing and Sales for Namco Networks at the 2006 Namco Digital Life Expo.

Interview with Alexis Bousiges of New!

COIN-OP TV's Jonathan Imberi returns with this interview of Alexis Bousiges, the force behind the arcade information site,!

AMOA Expo 2006

AMOA Expo 2006 with Robert Welkner New!

COIN-OP TV's Robert Welkner hung out with some big-wigs at the AMOA Expo this year. Take a look inside to see the action!

Pac-Man Collectibles

Book Review and Author Interview: Pac-Man Collectibles

COIN-OP TV's Jonathan Imberi reviewed the Pac-Man Collectibles book, and then interviewed the author, Deborah Palicia.

Why do We Still Play the Classics?

COIN-OP TV's Jonathan Imberi takes a look at why the classics truly deserve to be called classics. Illustrations by Scott Kurtz of

Interview with 8-BIT ARTIST Chris Olian

COIN-OP TV's Michelle Forshner chats with 8-Bit Artist Chris Olian about his pixelated paintings paying homage to the 8 bit classics.

Interview with MAME Developer Derrick Renaud

Bob Seidel returns to RetroBlast! with another installment in his MAME Developer interview series and chats with Derrick Renaud, aka "Mr. Resistor."

An Interview with Eric Jacobson and Dan Hower, Founders of The Arcade Flyer Archive

If you use MAME™, chances are pretty good that you have heard of The Arcade Flyer Archive (TAFA). They’re the ones responsible for all of the flyers displayed in conjunction with your favorite game titles.

The Starcade Gameshow DVD #1

A new review by Jonathan Imbreri and an interview with James Caruso, producer of Starcade!

Build A Hillbilly Spinner!

We have a new article from a veteran contributor to RetroBlast! Please welcome back Ian McCarthy and enjoy this amazingly thorough how-to on building your very own Hillbilly Spinner.

International Billiard and Home Recreation Expo

James Hills is back on the road and this time brings RetroBlast readers a look at the International Billiard and Home Recreation Expo featuring multigames, digital pinball, and more!

Making Joystick Mounting Plates

Trying to upgrade your joysticks, but the new ones don't fit your existing control panel? Find out how to make your own custom mounting plates so you won't have to re-invent the wheel.

ASI Show in 60 Seconds

James Hills provides RetroBlast! readers with a first-hand look at the ASI Amusement Showcase International (ASI) show as held in Chicago, Il. James got to see all the new games headed to arcades around the world and chimes in to let us know what to expect!

The World According to Zakk

Prolific builder and host of the MAMEY awards chimes in with RetroBlast! readers to share his experiences over a half-decade of MAME cabinet building. These are tips you shouldn't miss!

More "Target" Midway Cabinet Modifications

Lane C. has installed his new marquee courtesy of Classic Arcade Grafix and writes in to tell us about this latest edition to his Midway cabinet. For a refresher, check out parts one and two to see what else he did to update his system.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Installing the 8Liners Chassis

Madman Nick Vazzana returns to the pages of RetroBlast! with a step-by-step guide to installing an 8Liners chassis in a 25" Hanatrex monitor.

Windows MAME Monitor Tweaks

RetroBlast contributor Alan Kamrowski II (aka: SA Dev) pulls back the curtain to reveal the hamster wheel inside your CRT and tells you what settings you can change in Windows MAME to keep that sucker running the way you want.

Interview with MAME Developer Aaron Giles

Bob Seidel finds out why Aaron is known as Dr. Frankenstien by some in the emulation community as well as the system that irks Aaron the most in his emulation efforts.

Otronicon 2006 Videogame Exhibition

RetroBlast reader Mike Quinlan was kind enought to take these photos and video from the Otronicon Videogame Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The exhibit ran from Jan 23-29 in 2006.

Modding the "Target" Midway Cabinet

RetroBlast reader Lane C. shares his experiences and challenges in his quest for a better Big Electronic Games Midway cabinet. If you are like me you will be impressed at what he was able to do with the resources available.

Philly Classic 2005

Mitch Gerson brings exclusive coverage of the 2005 Video Game Expo, also known as the Philly Classic. With everything from classic consoles to the Videotopia arcade game exhibit, it promised to be a memorable event, but was it all it could be?

The Mod Zone: Enhancing Your Twilight Zone Pinball

We present to you a detailed look at "pinball mods," specifically a collection of mods for the 1993 Bally "Twilight Zone" pinball. Prepare to get lost in the zone...the Mod Zone!

Pachislo Paradise: A Look at Japanese Pachislo Machines Part 2

Mitch Gerson continues his look into the world of Japanese Pachislo "Skill Stop" slot machines, this time with reviews of his Metal Slug and Tekken Pachislos, along with Stealth Amusements and Specialty Stands.

Pachislo Paradise: A Look at Japanese Pachislo Machines Part 1

Mitch Gerson delves into the world of Japanese "Skill Stop" slot machines, also know as Pachislo or Pachislot machines. He looks into everything from how they're made to how they get to the US! Part 1 of a 2-part series.

RetroBlast! Creating an Online Information Resource

How and why did RetroBlast come into being? And who is this "Kevin Steele" guy we keep hearing about? Reprinted from GameRoom Magazine, here is my own account of the birth of RetroBlast.

An Interview with MAMEDev "Reip"

Bob Seidel returns with another great interview, this time with MAME developer Pierpaolo Prazzoli (Reip). Learn what discovery led Reip into contact with the MAMEdev team, and where it lead him from there!

The Phoenix 2600 Arises:
An Interview with Ben Heckendorn

Never underestimate the power of creative tinkering: Mitch Gerson interviews Ben Heckendorn about his latest console "hack," an Atari 2600 transmogrified into a handheld gaming station!

An Interview with Frank Leibly of StarROMs

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere in 2003, StarROMs arrived on the retrogaming scene with an enticing offer for arcade emulation fans: legal ROMs for a reasonable price. I ask a few questions of co-founder Frank Leibly.

Controlling the Classics!

A guest editorial from The Stinger Report, providing the amusement industry's perspective on the MAME trademark fiasco and the potential threat of MAME to the industry.

Interview with Haze

Bob Seidel once again goes for twenty questions, this time with MAMEdev extraordinaire Haze. Find out what his favorite games are, his finest MAME accomplished, and the stupidest question he's ever been asked.

Interview with smf

Bob Seidel plays twenty questions with "SMF," the MAMEdev responsible for everything from maintaining dosmame, CPS2 and ZN/ZN2 hardware emulation, and much more.

Interview with R.Belmont

The first in a new series of interviews with retrogaming personalities, Bob Seidel talks to R.Belmont, the MAME developer who's also responsible for such gems as M1, Audio Overload, and ZiNc.

ThermoPlastics Comparison

Want to create a plexiglass control panel covering, but don't know Lexan from Lucite? Here's a guide by Will Yen on choosing and working with the right plastic for your cabinet project.

Simplifying the Interface: Coin Door "Coin-Up" Buttons

Too many buttons on your control panel? Why not turn the coin return buttons on the coin door into MAME "coin-up" buttons? Michael P. Conway documents his cool coin door mod!

Restoring Coin Doors

A guide from Nick Vazzana on how to restore that beat-up coin door into a "factory fresh" look, just the thing for making your arcade cabinet look its finest.

RetroBlast Guide to Arcade Monitors and MAME

A "Lazy Man's Cheat Sheet" on how to get the best possible game display results in MAME using the least amount of effort, covering everything from what hardware to buy to how to set it up properly.

Kevin's Favorites

Here it is: my favorite gear. Warning: this article is pure unfiltered personal opinion, and I reserve the right to like something, well, just because!

The History of Starcade

Pop Quiz: What do Alex Trebeck, Larry Wilcox, Ted Turner, and Mike Eruzione (Captain of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" US Olympic hockey team) have in common? Answer: Would you believe a gameshow about videogames?

Starcade Contest Photos: Be an Honorary Starcader

RetroBlast had a contest: send in a photo of yourself next to an arcade machine, past or present. We got some great photos, and a healthy dose of retrogaming nostalgia!

Converting to Token or Coin Operation

Want that extra bit of "arcade authenticity"? Convert your MAME cabinet (and any other coin-op games you have) over to token operation!

An Interview with James Hills of TLC Industries, Inc.

Haven't heard of TLC Industries? If you're a retrogamer with a taste for arcade gaming, I suspect you will. RetroBlast interviews James Hills, Marketing Director for TLC Industries.

Doctorin' the Tardis:
The RetroBlast "Dr. Who MADLights" Pinball Mod

My first "pinball mod", this article details how I added a PC lighting mod called "MADLights" with the mini-playfield on my Doctor Who pinball machine. Be sure to watch the video!

Retrogaming and TV Commercials

A new wave of commercials have hit the air, all with a distinct retrogaming theme. Are the commercials true to the spirit of the games they emulate, or are they just pale imitations?

Wiring Up Arcade Cabinet Speakers

Details on the "hybrid" sound system in the MAMEframe2 arcade cabinet, combining car speakers with a PC sound system to create a bone-jarring, eardrum shattering experience.

Wiring MAME Coin Door Lights

Full details on how to wire up your MAME cabinet's coin door lights, powering them with your PC's power supply. Add that final "special effect" to your cabinet!

MAMEframe II: A Construction Diary

From conception to completion, I plan on trying to document every step in the construction of my second arcade cabinet, the MAMEframe II. Video and photos of every phase, from mock-up to the first gaming session with friends.

The Making of the MAMEframe

The full details of my first MAME arcade cabinet, the MAMEframe. A gutted Atari RoadBlasters arcade cabinet is transformed into a universal gaming machine, capable of playing over 3,000 different arcade games.