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RetroBlast! SoftWEAR Review: Retro Gaming T-Shirts

So on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I got tricked into going to Target. While the wife is busy going through every shirt/skirt combination in the store, I meandered over to the Men's Section and spotted them. From the corner of my eye. Could it be? Retro T-shirts with arcade game themes for the masses (at least the ones who shop at Target)? My dreams of some gaming "soft wear" have come true!

Close Up of the Donkey Kong T-Shirt Print

Full Size Donkey Kong Shirt Showing Large Print

Indeed. These T-shirts are very cool. They are all 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton, with large screen printing. I got three of them and have rigorously tested them in a number of gaming environments. I personally believe they have a mysterious score-enhancing quality, but this is still under investigation.

Game Over!

I am a big guy and I typically get XXL, and all these shirts are available in XXL. One of my pet peeves is when the shirts get bigger, the graphic appears smaller, not so with these shirts. The graphics are in correct proportion to the shirt! Yippee!

"Not Now I'm Busy" Tee. Graphics rightly proportioned.

Close-Up of "Not Now I'm Busy"

The Donkey Kong Tee is a Nintendo labeled Product and the Munchies is a Namco labeled product.

Namco's Munchies T-Shirt


  • 100% Cotton
  • Don't shrink much
  • Cheap @ $9.99-$11.99/ea.
  • Excellent addition to gaming wardrobe


  • Only four designs

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Jeff is an ordained minister, writer, musician, and an avid video game hobbyist. He and his (very patient) wife Twyla live over a working arcade in New Jersey. His most recent arcade adventure was converting a salvaged arcade cabinet into a VH 5150 themed Jukebox/Game system with his nephew and brother-in-law.

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