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Happ Controls Super Joystick

The Happ Controls Super Joystick

Compared to the Wico Leaf Switch joystick, the Happ Controls has a completely different feel. With a lighter spring and microswitches, the feel of the joystick is closer to the "modern standard" feel, and it provides for light, quick control.

Happ Controls Super Joystick
The Happ Controls Super Joystick

The microswitches used in the Super provide exact on/off action during gameplay — there is no "almost" activating them. They click, and the joystick is engaged. Click again, and they're off.

Microswitches Activate!


Like most joysticks in this roundup, the installation of the Super is not that difficult: you remove the small "e-clip" off the bottom of the joystick shaft, remove the shaft, screw the base into the control panel from underneath (or from above, but that leads to unsightly mounting bolts!), then slide the joystick back into place and snap the e-clip back into place.

Click the "Play" button to view installation and motion of Super

Click here to launch the installation video in a separate window


The Super joystick had a light spring, and was very easy to push around. This also made circular motions a lot easier, although there was a lot of "clicking" noise when doing this.

The microswitches provide the tiniest amount of vibration through the shaft when they engage, and you can actually use this to your advantage, as it allows you to sense when the joystick activates by feel (and by sound, as there is a distinctive click)

I've grown really comfortable with the Happs "feel," especially with the Super and Competition joysticks. It's a light, smooth motion joystick that provides good feedback about when it has engaged.

Sound and Size

Like I've already mentioned, there is a distinctive "clickiness" to this joystick. It's not bad, and it can be used to your advantage, but it isn't as great as a totally silent joystick. During frantic gameplay the clicks reach an almost machine-gun like rhythm.

Size-wise, the Super's handle at 2.25" is .25" smaller than a Happs Competition joystick, although the 1.25" inch diameter grip is identical to the Competition joystick.

Click the "Play" button to view a joystick sound and size comparison

Click here to launch the sound and size comparison video in a separate window


The Super provides a light, fast gameplay. The joystick engages after only about 5 degrees of motion, meaning that very little pressure must be applied. Even a small hand motion will activate it.

Diagonals were just a bit difficult to hit precisely, but much better than the Wico Leaf Switch joystick, with a 15 degree range that they could be engaged (the Wico only had a 10 degree range for diagonals)

Joystick Stats

The following chart lists the joystick test results, current as of this review. The chart will continue to fill in with data as the "Joystick Roundup" continues.

Click to see the Joystick Comparison Chart
Click Here to See the RetroBlast Joystick Roundup Chart


Fast, responsive, and with a light touch, the Super is a good joystick for fast twitch games (and most other games, for that matter). These are the joysticks used in the HanaHo Hot Rod Classic Controller. The joystick is a bit noisy, but the relatively easy diagonals and the quick, crisp feel make this a good, reliable, all-purpose joystick.

Special Thanks to Doug Hansen for loaning me the Happ Super for this review!

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