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Pachislo Paradise: Part 2

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TEKKEN Pachislo Review

Official Yamasa/Namco Tekken website (The flash video that will load shows high res video clips from the game LCD screen that are worth viewing.)

Well, after I was all excited with my Metal Slug machine, someone on the BYOAC forums pointed out to me that there was a very recent Tekken machine released. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one to add to what was sure to be my new arcade game-themed slot machine collection.


The standout feature to me on this machine is a HDTV widescreen LCD (approx. 12"x4" high) at the top of the machine that plays full 3D custom gaming graphics from the Tekken series. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I was really amazed at the resolution of the game video. The machine itself has much smoother curves/lines and is more “modern” looking than the military look of the Metal Slug machine; and I find it to be really slick and appealing.

Tekken Pachislo Machine

This machine is a TYPE- A machine and as Metal Slug only will do Max Bet (3 tokens at a time) for each round. This machine also has a speed loader allowing you to very quickly fill the machine with 50 credits.

A full coin hopper, ready for payouts


Even on its easiest setting of “6” this is a fairly stingy machine. I’ve played sometimes over 300 rounds with little payout. But, there have a couple of times where the machine paid out after only 100 rounds or less. But overall it is definitely stingier than Metal Slug.

Widescreen LCD

The gameplay is very different from Metal Slug in that this machine has a lot of interactive mini games and scenes that play out on the LCD screen. Some mini games include bowling; street fighting (the fights are really beautiful and very much like the ones in Tekken 4); time-based weight lifting tasks and more. These are all controlled by timing your skill stops at appropriate intervals. Well, OK they appear to be music/timing based, but I haven’t nailed down the exact distinction yet. Some games are harder than others but they’re all fun and unique.


This machine really shines when you hit a Big Bonus! The music, the video and the lighting all really work well together to truly dazzle you. Fortunately, this machine has dual dial volume controls for the 2 sets of stereo speakers. There’s one set on the top on either side of the LCD screen with another set below the reels. Believe me, when all 4 speakers are going off at once, you’ll definitely need that volume control set correctly!

The volume ranges from 1 to 10 (10 is the highest) and even with it set at volume 4 (the way I’ve set mine) it’s still REALLY LOUD!....and it’s great!

A really excellent musical soundtrack plays along in conjunction with the light show. The machine itself has no standard light bulbs and runs exclusively off of LEDs. I am kind of surprised and a bit disappointed that it has no multi colored LEDs only simple white ones (behind red plastic). While the LEDs flash in some really neat patterns (generally in time with the music in some complex patterns), I think that the Metal Slug machine is visually more interesting because of the addition of all of those colored LEDs that cycle through a rainbow of colors.

When the machine is in attract mode, it is much more sedate in appearance than the Metal Slug machine. The reels themselves are simply front lit with white light and the machine has a more simple look overall. When in play during certain combinations of numbers/fruit the reels do light from behind, but again in white light. While it is not as colorful as Metal Slug, it does give the machine a more high-tech sophisticated look. Thankfully as such for me the two machines compliment one another.


Tekken is a fun, fast and a visually appealing machine. I am a bit disappointed, as already noted, that it is a lot harder to get a Big Bonus or Regular Bonus win out of the machine, but I think that the mini games help make up for it.

Another small personal disappointment is that it’s simply not as colorful as the Metal Slug machine (regarding the lights), but that again, is personal preference. The music is great, the video is truly visually stunning and overall it’s a great machine to play and own.

This machine cost a lot more that than the Metal Slug as I purchased this directly from Stealth and not one of his auctions. Milt gave me a price break and ultimately I paid $350 (the quoted price was $400) + shipping of $70. I cannot guarantee you will be able to obtain the same price break as I did purchasing the 2 machines virtually back to back.

On an overall scale of 1 to 10, I have to give Tekken an 8.


Specialty Stands Review

Specialty Stands Web Site

OK, let’s say you liked my reviews and you’ve decided to purchase a machine (or perhaps 2?). What will you display it on? Remember these machines are very heavy, approx. 80 to over 90 lbs (add in another 10 lbs or so for coins when their in the belly of the machine).

Well one option is to purchase on of the many Pachislo stands that I have found on the web. They vary in price from a low of $99 for a simple Ikea-like stand to an elaborate $300+ hand-built stand that’s made to order like the one I’m going to review here.

Personally, I decided despite the cost being greater than the machine itself, that I would go for a hand-built to order stand that I purchased from as I really wanted a piece that fit better into the existing furniture of my gaming/guest room (uh, yeah, you read that right…hey, I live in a NYC apartment so you do what you can!).

Run by a husband and wife team — Mike and Debi Studebaker, Mike hand-builds a few different models & sizes of stands and will even (for a small fee) custom stain your stand to whatever color you wish.

There are also options for silver or brass hardware/feet, wood or glass fronts, lighting or no lighting (assuming you get a glass front) and even electrical outlets (2) built right into the cabinets rear upper left-hand corner, allowing you to plug in your machine and turn it on with one standard light switch.

Clockwise from top left: Packing, Drink Tray, Power Outlets, Interior

I didn’t expect such a neat outlet/switch on the back of the machine. I thought that it would be a power strip attached to the back, but Mike obviously takes a lot of pride in his workmanship and it shows.

I recommend checking out their website as the options and combinations are many and really require that you look over your options/combinations before you choose one.

Here are some of the standard features/optional items:

  • Quality Oak Cabinetry
  • Your choice of highly polished solid brass (not plated) or solid aluminum claw feet.
  • Solid Oak Doors.
  • Solid Oak Tops.
  • Optional Plexiglas colored panel in door.
  • Optional Drink Tray
  • Optional Electric Receptacle/Switch at rear of cabinet to control slot machine.
  • Optional Light in rear of cabinet to backlight Plexiglas inserts.
  • Cabinet Dimensions are 223⁄4" x 171⁄4" x 331⁄2 Tall

I decided upon a standard Pachislo stand made from walnut stained oak with a cut glass front, built in electrical outlet and silver hardware/feet. In addition, it comes with a nice built in dual drink or token cup holder that slide outs from the tip right. In addition, he provided a nice thick black rubber mat to protect the top of the table when you put the machine on it. Again, another nice touch.

It turned out that they were running a special that week and I got the stand delivered all for approx. $270.00 as above.

Once again, just like my slot machine I received a HUGE box. I noticed a “ding” in the front right side of the box but initially didn’t think much of it (more on that later).

I opened up the package and was very pleased to see an extremely neat and very through packing job. They use custom foam corner on the stand along with cardboard edges to protect the corners and sides of the cabinet. In addition, they used a heavyweight fiberboard to protect the glass and the entire cabinet was encased in layers of packing plastic sealing it into a tight cocoon of plastic and cardboard.

Unfortunately, despite what appeared to be a thorough packing job, UPS managed to create compression damage to the front right side corner. The damage was not too bad but I was not happy about it.

Ultimately I was able to fix it myself with some wood putty and wood markers so it’s virtually invisible now.

The stand in my "gaming / guest room"

I have to mention that when I emailed Debbie to tell her about the stand (and that I was happy); I mentioned the damage. She immediately responded indicating that she would 100% replace the stand if I wished to send it back.

I think that’s great that she offered that and I think she was a bit more upset about the damage than I was. Thankfully, I’m happy with my minor woodworking fix, so mailing it back wasn’t necessary in my case.

This is a true quality piece of furniture that is going to probably outlast the Pachislo sitting on top of it!

So on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the stand a 9. Recommended!


Well that wraps up this review and I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed this 2 part Pachislo series.

Now go out and buy one!...and have some fun.

NOTE: Stealth Home Amusement is offering a great 10% discount on all machines
(including sale machines!) if you mention RetroBlast when you place an order! This applies to Stealth web purchases only. Not EBay auctions.

Video of the Metal Slug and Tekken Pachislos in Action

Stealth Home Amusements Webstore / EBay store

Specialty Stands Web Site

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